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KF-76 Cobra 2207-2600KV gold edition motor
[cobra 2205-2]
KF-76 Cobra 2207-2600KV gold edition motor
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Cobra CP-2207-2600-G Champion Series Gold Edition Multirotor Motor, Kv=2600

The Cobra Champion series motors are the most powerful versions ever made for FPV Racing! A completely new design that increases cooling and efficiency, these motors provide the ultimate power for your FPV Racing Quads. The new Gold Edition version of this motor has all the power and performance of the standard version, but with the extra "Bling" that will make your FPV Quad really stand out on the flight line! The stators are made with 0.20mm laminations for maximum efficiency and minimum Eddy Current losses. Since these motors are typically soldered directly to the speed controller to save weight, the CP-2207 motor comes without bullet connectors, and feature extended pre-tinned motor leads that are 2-1/4 inches (55mm) long. These motors also have 3mm threaded holes in a 16x19mm pattern on the back plate for easy installation on your model.

The CP-2207 series motor features an integrated 5mm threaded motor shaft which eliminates the chance of having a prop adapter spin off in flight. The included nylon insert prop nut, which has an integrated prop washer, provides a solid attachment for your propellers that will not loosen up and slip during use.

Also included with every Cobra CP-2207 Series Motor is a complete accessory pack, which includes everything you need to securely mount the motor to your quad frame, and to mount the prop to the motor.

The hardware kit contains the following items:

● Four M3x6mm Socket Head Motor Mount Screws
● Four M3 Flat Washers
● One Locking Prop Nut with Nylon Insert

Click here for third party testing from The Mini Quad Test Bench.

Click here for the Cobra CP-2207-2300 Propeller Data Chart

Cobra CP-2207/2600 Motor Specifications
 Stator Diameter  22.0 mm (0.866 in)
 Stator Thickness  7.0 mm (0.276 in)
 Number of Stator Slots  12
 Number of Magnet Poles  14
 Motor Wind  16 Turn Delta
 Motor Kv Value  2600 RPM per Volt
 No Load Current (Io)  1.91 Amps @ 10 Volts
 Motor Resistance (Rm) per Phase  0.045 Ohms
 Motor Resistance (Rm) Phase to Phase  0.030 Ohms
 Maximum Continuous Current  32 Amps
 Max Continuous Power (3-cell Li-Po)  355 Watts
 Max Continuous Power (4-cell Li-Po)  475 Watts
 Max Continuous Power (5-cell Li-Po)  555 Watts
 Motor Weight  35.8 grams (1.26 oz.)
 Outside Diameter  27.9 mm (1.098 in.)
 Motor Shaft Diameter  3.00 mm (0.118 in.)
 Prop Shaft Diameter  5.00 mm (0.197 in.)
 Motor Body Length  21.0 mm (0.827 in.)
 Overall Shaft Length  36.4 mm (1.433 in.)
 Motor Timing  5-10 degrees
 PWM Frequency  8 KHz







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