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kds-R6D-RX R6D 6-CH 2.4GHz receive met Sbus
[kds-R6D-Rx s]
kds-R6D-RX	R6D 6-CH 2.4GHz  receive met Sbus
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Radiolink R6DS 2.4G 6CH PPM PWM SBUS Output Receiver Compatible AT9 AT10 Transmitter

The R6DS a small 6 channel S.BUS / PPM / PWM ready receiver from Radiolink with three signal output. The R6DS can output both PWM and S.BUS output simultaneously. Two operating modes output:

PWM output: 6 channels totally.
S.BUS output
PPM output: CH1 outputs PPM signal for 10 channels, and channel 2 to channel 6 output independent PWM signal simultaneously.

All channels have a response time of 3 ms. Specially designed for light drones, and compatible with all flight controllers such as DJI NAZA, ZERO TECH, PIX, APM, MINI APM, NAZE32, and CC3D etc. All it takes is one single cable connected to your flight controller and you're good to go. And with its miniature size and a total weight of 3.9 grams, the R9D will never be cumbersome on your drones.

Brand Name: Radiolink
Item Name: R6DS
Band: 2.4G
Channel: 6 (Red LED indicator is for PWM mode. Blue LED for PPM, can be extended to 10channels)
Power Input: MAX 6V
Control Distance: 600m in air
Current Consumption: 38-45mA (Input voltage:5V)
Dimension: 25×16×11mm
Weight: 3.9g
Precision: 4096

DSSS&FHSS act perfect on anti interference, especially on 433 and graph transmission.
Output SBUS, PPM and PWM signals simultaneously.
Top speed response, 3ms for all channels parallel.
Top precision 4096, 0.25us every bit insure every servo stable.
Sub miniature size, totally weights 3.4 grams, never burden to your drones, best choice for light drones.
All channels response parallel, totally 3ms.
Specially used for light drones, compatible with all flight controllers such as DJI NAZA, ZERO TECH, PIX, APM, MINI APM, NAZE32, and CC3D
One single cable connect with the flight controller, easy setting

Receiver Operation:
SBUS/PPM and PWM signal change

Short press the ID SET switch two times within 1 second, the signal is changed from normal PWM to SBUS/PPM. The red LED indicates the normal PWM and blue/purple indicates SBUS/PPM.

Installment of receiver antenna

The antenna must be kept as straight as possible. Otherwise it will reduce the effective range.
Large model aircraft may of some metal part interfering signal; in this case the antennas should be placed at both sides of the model. Then the best RF signal condition is obtained at any flying attitude.
The antennas must be kept away from conductive materials, such as metal and carbon by at least a half inch. The coaxial part of the antennas does not need to follow these guidelines, but do not bend it in a small radius.
Keep the antennas away from the motor, ESC, and other noise sources as much as possible.
Press and hold the Easy Link (ID SET) one second, now the receiver starts work.
After all of the above steps finished, the LED indicator will turn and keep in red.  
The receiver can be packed by sponge or foam for shocking proof when it is installed to the model.

After all of the above steps finished, turn off the transmitter and then power it on, now the program functions to assure it under control of transmitter with a right connection .

Package Included:
1x Radiolink R6DS receiver


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