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KDS K-7X II 2.4Ghz zender met K-8X ontvanger inclusief aluminium
KDS K-7X II 2.4Ghz zender met K-8X ontvanger inclusief aluminium
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1192-1 RJX Carbon fiber 450 tail blades 62mm
1192-1 RJX Carbon fiber 450 tail blades 62mm
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KDS Innova 550 flybarless V2 Kit
[KDS 550 FBL]
KDS Innova 550 flybarless V2 Kit
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Product Description:

We do improvement and upgrades to KDS Innova series helicopters. The quality and performance have been significantly improved compared with the original product according to our efforts.
First of all, there is a great change on the part of main rotor head. It adopts the popular structure, Direct Flight Control. This special design makes 3D aerobatics flight more flexible and the speed faster.
Second, the material of tail gear was changed to fully aluminum alloy material. It is more unbreakable and impact resistance.
All KDS canopies are hand-painted, and we also provide various kinds of hand-painted canopies for some commonly used designs on sale. 
Third, the main shaft bearing block was designed with the fixed form of lower, middle and upper decks. This upgrade help eliminate vibration when helicopter doing high speed rotating.
The forth is that there is adding a fixed plate to both sides of carbon fiber frame, which improves its strength. We find that the frame is well protected and only has little damage when crash happens from testing experience
Fifth, we make a thicker, 25mm tail boom. The thicker tail boom reduces the transmission of tail unit resonance to the frame, and it also help provide more stable flight.
The carbon fiber board structure of tail unit is more simple and easy maintenance.
Innova 550 helicopter is a transition upgrade model for whom has flight experience of 450-size helicopters and wants to improve skills. Due to the low cost and simple maintenance, the helicopter is very popular with pilots all over the world.
The helicopter is provided with necessary electronics, such as Motor, ESC, Servo, UBEC, KDS FBL System etc..
KDS FBL System was developed with MEMS technology. The matching with N690 digital servo makes the tail rudder of your helicopter has perfect locking control performance. The helicopter has great spin control effect, and is much more flexible as well. You can adjust the model based on personal preference.
KDS BL5052-1200HV brushless motor provides a great power, and let all pilots with different flying skill levels have chance enjoy violence flight.
We provide the helicopter with three metal gear digital servos N680. The servo features high speed (0.11sec) and big torque (12kg) and was designed for bigger size R/C helicopters.
The flight weight of Innova 550 helicopter is very light, and the load current is only around 70 A. It seems that the equipped brushless ESC 120A HV is “big Marathi car”. But we don't have to worry about that the ESC will be over-current protection and lead to out of control due to the excessive current of motor.
One 6S 3300MAH lithium battery can provide a steady flow of power for Innova 550 helicopter, and greatly reduce the cost of the flight.

• High Precision DFC Rotor Head
• High quality carbon fiber main frame
• Expertly painted high gloss fiberglass canopy
• Lightweight aluminum main bearing/tail boom blocks
• Lightweight carbon fiber tail case assembly
• High efficiency belt drive tail system
• High quality carbon fiber main/tail blades included
• Oversized 25mm diameter tail boom providing extreme rigidity

Length: 1120mm
Height: 365mm
Main Rotor: 550mm
Tail Blade: 95mm
Motor Pinion: 14T
Main Gear: 150T
Tail Drive gear: 42T
Tail Gear: 9T
Gear Ratio: 10.7 : 1: 4.6
Weight (w/o power): 1650g

KDS Innova 550 V2 DFC flybarless helicopter kit
550mm carbon fiber main blades
95mm carbon fiber tail blades

1100~1300KV Brushless outrunner motor
80~100A brushless ESC
UBEC/Voltage Regulator
Standard size digital cyclic servo x 3
Standard size digital tail servo x 1
Flybarless control unit
4000~4500mAh 6S 22.2V lipoly battery
6CH transmitter/receiver


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