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Armattan Mongoose 5" Frame only silver
Armattan Mongoose 5" Frame only silver
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IMPORTANT NOTE: This model is NOT lifetime warranty. It is a part of our Lite Series which do not carry a breakage warranty. We simply cannot warranty a 60 gram frame. This frame is designed for performance on a race track where weight is very important. 


Armattan Mongoose

Just as ferocious as the animal

When asked to describe the Mongoose, the owner of Armattan Quads simply said "Refined, but affordable."  Without a doubt, that is the best way to describe this masterful frame.

What is it?

The Mongoose is the newest entry into Armattan's Lite series of frames, and is built to be inexpensive, strong, and light.  While those descriptors often can't coexist, the Mongoose provides a unique package that truly encompasses them all.  At 61 grams and less than $40, it is less than half of the weight and price of the fabled Armattan Chameleon.  Even so, the high quality carbon fiber, aluminum, and stainless steel hardware provides a robust airframe that you'll have to work to break.

One of the unique weight-saving features of this frame is the front standoff.  By utilizing a piece of 3D CNC'd aluminum, it combines the forward structure of the frame with the FPV camera mount.  This will fit and protect any of the newer 19mm micro FPV cameras produced by the big manufacturers. Another feature of that standoff is that it continues down to help secure the arm.  By doing this on each of the corners, the total number of bolts needed to assemble this stretched-x racer was reduced to 12.

Set and sunk between the 3mm arms is the stack provision for this frame.  Either 30.5mm or 20mm flight controllers will be right at home, and either will easily able to accommodate multiple boards with the provided 23mm of headroom.  Also, since the stack is set between the arms, swapping an arm will be a piece of cake.  Remove 2 screws to take out the old, and put them back to install the new: no need to fiddle with the stack.   And by the way, since the arms are a bit thinner at 3mm, motor bolts are provided so you can avoid running the risk of shorting your motor windings to your frame and releasing the magic smoke.

As you likely know, the debate between batteries mounted on top or bottom rages on.  That's why this frame can support batteries in either location.  It'll even come with 2 custom LiPo protection pads to help keep your battery where it belongs.  Lastly, the zip tie holes in the top plate provide a clean, solid mount for your VTX antenna.  There's much less cause to worry about snapping your SMA adapter when it isn't exposed to the dangers of a direct impact.

What does "Armattan Lite" mean?

Like our other "Armattan Lite" frames, the Mongoose does not come with a warranty.  After careful consideration, we did this to provide an option in the Armattan lineup that is both light and cheap!  This makes for an ideal racing frame, or maybe just the frame you use to do something you know is a bad idea.


Stainless steel: 
4x 6mm M3 (top plate mounting)
4x 8mm M3 (arms inner attachment)
4x 10mm M3 (arms outer attachment)
4x sunk nuts(holds the arms to the center plate + 2 spares included)

8x 6mm M3 (FC stack)
16x 5mm M3 cup-head (motor mounting bolts)
2x 5mm M2 (cam mount)

2x 20mm cam mounting standoffs
2x 20mm standoffs 

4x 6mm standoffs (FC stack)

Carbon Fiber:
1x Top plate 2mm
1x Center plate 3mm
4x Arms 3mm

1x Lipo strap
1x Bottom foam pad
1x Top foam pad
4x Dog-bone landing pads
1x Parts list

Mongoose Specs

Frame Weight

61 grams

Motor to Motor


Frame Shape


Bottom Plate Thickness


Arm Thickness



Stainless steel                      

Motor Mount Pattern


Center Stack Mount Pattern

30.5mm or 20mm

FPV Camera Mount


Max Center Stack Height


Warrantied Parts




Dit artikel is aan ons assortiment toegevoegd op woensdag 24 januari, 2018.
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