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KDS 360 Chase light Combo
KDS 360 Chase light Combo
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1 kds Kylin 250 frame onley kit
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Helicopter videocamera €93.10
Helicopter videocamera
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1,Turn on Fly DV: Press the ON/OFF button, the RED will be on. After 3 seconds, Fly DV is ready.


2,DV Mode: Push the DV/DC button to DV, then Press the OK button. The Blue LED will keep flashing, frequency is 1time/2seconds, which means it begins recording; Press OK button again, Fly DV will save video file to integrated Flash memory, and BLUE LED will be off.


3,DC Mode: Push the DV/DC The Blue LED will keep flashing, frequency is 1time/5seconds, which means it begins taking photo automatically and continually. ( There is a “Taking photo Time Setting” software in CD, you can set the intervals of taking photo, for example, take a photo every 15 seconds. The mininum intervals is 10 seconds, Max is 300 seconds.) Press OK button again, Fly DV will save these photo files to integrated Flash memory, and BLUE LED will be off.


4,Fly DV will save DV/DC files automatically when the power is low, then turn it off.


5,The RED LED will flash when charging, and will keep lighting when fully charged, please charge it with AC adapter, PC can’t charge this Fly DV fully


6,1GB-8GB flash is optional


7,Get and open Video /Photo files by connecting Fly DV to PC via USB cable.


8,Get the PC time to Fly DV, Connect Fly DV to your conputer via USB cable, Run the TRCTool.exe as the guiding, then restart the Fly DV.


9,High performance MIC


10,USB 2.0 with PnP


11,Support the following OS: 2000/XP/MAS OS/ LINUX


12, Recording file format: 640*480 MP4


13,Frame rate: 25Fps


14, Photo file format:1280x960 JEPG

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Dit artikel is aan ons assortiment toegevoegd op zaterdag 28 mei, 2011.
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