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Gen Ace Battery 1300mAh/14.8Volt/45C
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KDS Hisky 100 FBL
[KDS 100 Hisk]
€149.95 €127.46
KDS Hisky 100 FBL
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The KDS FBL100 is a feature packed micro 3D helicopter like no other! Its advanced 3-axis flybarless system not only reduces drag on the rotor head, it also greatly increases the precision and agility of flight. This, combined with its ultra light airframe delivers a level of power and responsiveness that is un-matched by any other micro 3D heli on the market today.

This micro heli is truly 3D capable - inverted flight, flips, loops, rolls and funnels, the FBL100 can do it all! Despite its ultra capable flight characteristics, the FBL100 is also quite stable thanks to its precision flybarless control system. This means that it is a great way for new pilots transitioning from a basic coaxial or fixed pitch heli to learn how to fly a 3D heli without the fear of a large investment or costly repairs.

If your looking for exciting 3D heli action indoors or out, or simply looking to get into collective pitch helis without spending a fortune on larger models, the FBL100 is for you! It arrives completely ready to fly including a stylish and ergonomic 2.4gHz radio transmitter, two 3.7V 300mAh lipoly batteries, lipoly charger, spare blades and rotor head linkage rods. Simply charge the included flight batteries and your ready to fly!

High precision 3-axis flybarless system
Ultra light airframe
Extreme agility
Fully 3D capable
Ergonomic 2.4gHz radio transmitter
Completely ready to fly

Length: 238mm
Height: 93.7mm
Weight: 50g
Main rotor diameter: 249mm
Tail rotor diameter: 45mm
Battery: 3.7V 300mAh 30C
Transmitter: Mode 2

1 x KDS Hisky FBL100 Micro 3D Helicopter
1 x 2.4gHz radio transmitter
2 x 3.7V 300mAh lipoly battery
1 x Variable rate lipoly charger
1 x AC to DC power supply for charger
1 x Replacement main blade set
1 x Replacement tail blade
1 x Replacement rotor head linkage set
1 x User manual

4 x AA batteries (for radio transmitter)


Dit artikel is aan ons assortiment toegevoegd op donderdag 29 november, 2012.
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